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Welcome to our “Office in a Box” product page. Firstly we need to tell you about the concept off “Office in a Box”. This concept is specifically designed for new virtual or physical start-up companies or existing small companies that require enhanced industry standard IT infrastructure that is typically not affordable by a small or Start-up Company. The “Office in a Box” concept is fully scalable, and will grow with you as your company grows.

So what is in “Office in a Box”?

“Office in a Box” consists of both software and hardware which depending on your companies needs can either be in the cloud or installed in your home or business office.

It comes installed with a range of services that you will require as part of your growing business such as:

  • Own domain name
  • E-mail Server
  • Web Server & website
  • Cloudstation (for backing up)
  • Back Office Software which includes
    • Content Management System
    • Instant Messenger Chat System
    • Human Resource Management Software
    • Project Management Software
    • Customer Relations Manager Software
    • Document Management System
    • myDrive

Along with “Office in a Box” comes the number of laptops or workstations that you require to operate your business. These will have been seamlessly set up to work with your “Office in a Box” server.

How it works?

Your “Office in a Box” will be set up either in the cloud or at your site as required.

Your laptops or workstations will automatically connect via the internet or the company network (or both), where you will be able to login to your own company Intranet.

On this Intranet you will find the software required to run your company. The laptop will also automatically back up its selected data files to the Intranet as they change.

Trust, Support, Quality, Value

Our engineers will install your “Office in a Box” package either in the cloud or at your site (as required) and ensure all is working prior to handover to you.

As part of your “Office in a Box” package selection we will help you choose the right environment, and machines for your business, meaning that you will only pay for what you need.


To keep the packages affordable, “Office in a Box” uses tried and tested open source technology to provide a simple, cheap & robust solution for your company.

The box comes with a choice of workstations and Laptops to meet your needs. As a minimum the latest version of Unbuntu and Open Office comes pre-installed as well as a cloud service and domain names to provide your email and website service. A MS Windows option is also available.

Pricing will depend on your company’s requirements such as:

  • Virtual, dedicated or site based installation
  • Buying the hardware or leasing
  • Number of persons who will be using the platform
  • Amount of space required

Please ask us to provide you with a quotation.

The price includes set-up and installation as well as technical support for the first year. Additional technical support can be purchased yearly.

To ensure affordability we offer simple lease pricing with options to suit most growth plans.


Everything comes preconfigured.

For the cloud based solution you just need to order.

For the site based solution you need to order and your company needs to provide a stable internet connection with a public static IP address (note 1).


One complete package - includes hardware, software, e-mail server, company website, set-up and warranty.

A range of payment solutions including “Pay as you go”

“Pay as you go” starts from only £1.50 (note 2) per user per day.

Protect – automatically daily backups.

Cloud Service – email and files can be accessed from the cloud.

Website – website package provided

Contact Us

Telephone: 028 4173 7842

Email: admin at uiga.com

Web:   www.uiga.com


Note 1 – We can arrange this also if required for a small cost.

Note 2 – Packages start from as little as £1.50 per day depending what equipment and services are chosen..


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